Web, Application, &
Database Development

Maximize your web presence and increase revenue to your business

Develop a clean, exciting web presence with intuitive navigation and a pleasant interface

Creating personalized websites, applications, and databases is generally considered a pretty expensive ordeal. Thankfully, the resources necessary to make these things happen are getting smaller every day -- and that means the cost of outsourcing their creation is, too. If you’ve ever been jealous of a competitor’s website or mobile application, we’re confident we can turn the tables on them with our superior programming and design capabilities.

iTeknologia can build you:

  • An eye-catching website with all the tools and plugins you need to get more eyes on your business.
  • Web/mobile applications that put your company on the forefront of everyone’s mind.
  • In-house software to customize how your employees handle business data, records, and workflow management.
  • A top-of-the-line database for collecting, storing, and analyzing information that you’re either creating or harvesting

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

With danger lurking around every corner, you need a contingency plan to minimize the damage.

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Provide your employees with quick and efficient resolutions for their day-to-day IT headaches.

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Cyber Security

Nearly every piece of hardware in your organization is connected to the internet, and that requires holistic security protocols from veterans who have spent years dealing with cyber attacks.

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IT Assessment and Planning

Better understand your current state of technology and prepare your organization for future needs and growth with a top-to-bottom IT audit.

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