Cloud Migrations

A smoother, cheaper, and smarter way to transition to a new cloud

Although the cloud is billed as a simpler way to get work done, there’s a substantial amount of work required
to get there

Storing large quantities of business data in the cloud is no walk in the park. Organizations need to diligently prepare every byte of data to be transferred to the new cloud infrastructure and wiped clean from its previous location. This requires exhaustive discovery practices as well as audits and debriefs upon completion.

The iTeknologia team has performed every type of cloud migration imaginable, and we’re equipped with the knowledge to accommodate your transition, no matter how large or complex it might be.

Cloud Migration solutions from
iTeknologia include:

  • Consulting - the earlier you involve us, the better. Which cloud you decide to migrate to, and when you choose to do so can save you days of downtime and thousands of dollars.
  • Prep work - Depending on the size of your business, you could be sifting through years of documents and records scattered across countless file structures, let our team handle the dirty work.
  • On-site migration - when the day comes to make the switch, we’ll be there to make sure it’s as safely and quickly as possible.

Hybrid Cloud

The best cloud solution for businesses that want to host highly sensitive and regulated information in a private cloud,and run-of-the-mill data in a public cloud.

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Virtual Private Cloud

Businesses are no longer forced to choose between locally-hosted private clouds and non-compliant public clouds. With iTeknologia, you can build your very own private cloud in offsite data centers.

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Cloud Managed Services

By moving your company data to an off-site database, you can guarantee uptime, regulatory compliance, and solvency.

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