Cloud Managed Services

The future of your network

It may not be as revolutionary as it was ten years ago, but the cloud will continue to dominate mid-market technology

Are you concerned about your ability to scale your technology in a resilient, cost-effective manner? It’s an age-old problem that you can put to rest, today.

Cloud Managed Services from iTeknologia tackle the weighty tasks of migration, onboarding, maintenance and support on your behalf. Our technicians will identify the cloud architecture -- whether it’s a public, private, or hybrid cloud -- best for your business to facilitate an increase in productivity while reducing the financial burdens of software licensing and expensive on-site storage.

Never pay to upgrade your servers’ software applications again. When your work is in the cloud, you pay for the service rather than the hardware and the licenses. Converting to this flat-rate model means tax incentives, predictable budgeting, and improved IT support!

Cloud computing solutions from
iTeknologia include:

  • Email, CRM applications, productivity software with cloud calendars, word processing, spreadsheets, and more!
  • All the highly-available, secure storage space your organization will ever need.
  • The best sales automation software on the market.
  • Constant monitoring as well as upgrades and revisions.

Hybrid Cloud

The best cloud solution for businesses that want to host highly sensitive and regulated information in a private cloud,and run-of-the-mill data in a public cloud.

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Virtual Private Cloud

Businesses are no longer forced to choose between locally-hosted private clouds and non-compliant public clouds. With iTeknologia, you can build your very own private cloud in offsite data centers.

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Cloud Migrations

Simple as it may seem, transferring your data from on-site servers to the cloud, or from one cloud to another, is no easy task. Our team specializes in getting it done quickly, and safely.

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