One point of contact, countless solutions

Get the support you need from standby professionals

Without a bulging IT budget, how could you possibly get all the help you need? Most small- and medium-sized businesses have only one or two IT staff in-house, and they’re often overwhelmed with support requests. Calling support hotlines and chatting with a vendor online certainly isn’t the right way to go about it. What about a helpdesk from iTeknologia?

Our technicians have built an innovative ticketing system that allows employees to request support and get solutions quicker than they can take a coffee break. Sometimes we can even fix issues remotely, averting costly downtime and lost productivity.

Utilizing a helpdesk from iTeknologia
helps you:

  • Recognize the troublesome trends hidden amidst seemingly unrelated support requests.
  • Give your IT hardware the fix it deserves instead of the Bandaid it’s getting now.
  • Begin to track request history to single out problem employees and work processes that generate unnecessary downtime.
  • Receive industry-leading advice from experts who continually update themselves and their support methods.

Cyber Security

Nearly every piece of hardware in your organization is connected to the internet, and that requires holistic security protocols from veterans who have spent years dealing with cyber attacks.

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IT Assessment and Planning

Better understand your current state of technology and prepare your organization for future needs and growth with a top-to-bottom IT audit.

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Vendor Management

Outsource annoying and tedious correspondence with hardware and software vendors to experts well-versed in tech speak and merchant relationship management.

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Web, Application, & Database Development

Think an impressive web presence, mobile app, or information database is outside of your budget? We disagree.

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