Disaster Recovery &
Business Continuity Planning

Swift recovery for every type of emergency

There is no reason a temporary setback should turn into a permanent failure

The first step to protecting yourself from catastrophe is creating a disaster recovery or business continuity plan. The team at iTeknologia will put together a strategic plan for your entire organization, with special attention to the components crucial to your recovery.

With a step-by-step, plain language plan for restoring your business to full operating order, you can finally put the anxiety of an impending natural or manmade disaster to rest.

iTeknologia will draft a plan that covers items such as contacting your local authorities and insurance carriers, re-establishing phone service, sourcing equipment, restoring data, and all the essentials necessary to restoring your organization's operational capability.

No detail is too insignificant in our disaster recovery plans. We’ll compile it all into one handy set of procedures:

  • All your data is shielded by the latest and greatest encryption on the market.
  • How to initiate backup restoration for failover servers and workstations.
  • Contact information, from local authorities to iTeknologia technicians -- there won’t be any scrambling when panic tries to get the best of you.
  • What employees need to know about working amidst a company-wise restoration.
  • Where your data is being restored to, and how to
    access it.


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