Hybrid Cloud

A fusion of public and private clouds that give you the best of both services

Whether it’s compliance, cyber security, or reliability you’re worried about -- a hybrid cloud is equipped to address
your concerns

As businesses are subjected to new data regulations and cyber security threats, combining private and public clouds into a single solution is becoming increasingly popular. Although providers like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud boast top-of-the-line data encryption and network uptime, your most sensitive data still needs to be stored within your company walls.

A hybrid cloud approach organizes all your information in a way that allows you to stay compliant and enjoy the cost-savings of a public cloud. With Hybrid Cloud solutions from iTeknologia you can store mission-critical data on localized cloud servers, and if disaster strikes, your private cloud can automatically back itself up to your public cloud via an encrypted transmission.

Hybrid Cloud solutions from iTeknologia mean:

  • The best of both worlds: A hybrid cloud is a combination of a private or on premise cloud combined with the use of public cloud services. The goal is to combine services and data from a variety of cloud models to create a unified, automated, and well-managed computing environment that best suits a business’ needs.
  • More security and control over confidential and
    regulated data.
  • Your public and private clouds will be designed to your exact specifications without struggling to make one cloud tackle several tasks.
  • More efficient distribution of resources with faster data transfers in your private cloud and cheaper storage in the public cloud.
  • Greater control over proprietary and/or highly sensitive information and use of existing assets can provide peace of mind and a potential reduction in cloud computing costs.

Virtual Private Cloud

Businesses are no longer forced to choose between locally-hosted private clouds and non-compliant public clouds. With iTeknologia, you can build your very own private cloud in offsite data centers.

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Cloud Managed Services

By moving your company data to an off-site database, you can guarantee uptime, regulatory compliance, and solvency.

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Cloud Migrations

Simple as it may seem, transferring your data from on-site servers to the cloud, or from one cloud to another, is no easy task. Our team specializes in getting it done quickly, and safely.

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