IT Assessment
and Planning

Align your business goals, your budget, and your technology

Engineers and consultants can increase your efficiency with a comprehensive analysis of
your technology

A well-designed technology plan is about clarifying the role of technology in furthering your organization’s mission. With a systematic approach to envisioning your technology goals, determining your current technology reality, creating your technology plan, and implementing change, you’ll begin to see a harmony between your IT expenditures and your efficiency that only gets better with age.

Every step in the process is crucial:

  • Identifying needs by priority and reality to crystallize what you can accomplish, and when.
  • Plan for future improvements so you can keep tabs on the progress of your IT plan and its key performance indicators.
  • Overhauling lifecycle and maintenance expectations doesn’t just speed up your infrastructure, it also smooths your IT transitions and planning.
  • Beginning the first phase of your plan!

Vendor Management

Outsource annoying and tedious correspondence with hardware and software vendors to experts well-versed in tech speak and merchant relationship management.

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Web, Application, & Database Development

Think an impressive web presence, mobile app, or information database is outside of your budget? We disagree.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

With danger lurking around every corner, you need a contingency plan to minimize the damage.

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Provide your employees with quick and efficient resolutions for their day-to-day IT headaches.

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