Virtual Private Cloud

All the benefits of a single-tenant cloud, in a secure offsite data center

If disaster recovery and compliance are two of your biggest concerns, this service could be the answer to your problems.

Private clouds have traditionally been hosted on local area networks to keep better tabs on perimeter security and user access. But with some of the most reliable names in network security partitioning off cloud solutions with extra protections for individual businesses, you can enjoy enterprise-level data storage, security, and redundancy.

In short, your organization gets all the best parts of an onsite cloud solution, without any of the investments in hardware, software, and localized support. iTeknologia’s virtual private clouds store your data in more than one offsite location; so no matter what happens, your solution will always be fault tolerant.

Designing a virtual private cloud with iTeknologia provides your business with:

  • Enhanced security - in addition to 24x7 monitoring from our team, your cloud solution gets daily security audits and optimizations from the vendor.
  • Personalized support - because your data is the only occupant in your cloud space, we can provide customization and administration that are far superior to a public solution.
  • Simpler compliance - most data regulations outright ban storing information in public cloud platforms. By virtualizing your solution offsite, achieving compliance is much easier.
  • More uptime - if a locally-hosted private cloud goes down, there’s no way to access your data. With iTeknologia’s virtual solutions, your information will always be stored in more than one place to guarantee its safety.

Hybrid Cloud

The best cloud solution for businesses that want to host highly sensitive and regulated information in a private cloud,and run-of-the-mill data in a public cloud.

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Cloud Managed Services

By moving your company data to an off-site database, you can guarantee uptime, regulatory compliance, and solvency.

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Cloud Migrations

Simple as it may seem, transferring your data from on-site servers to the cloud, or from one cloud to another, is no easy task. Our team specializes in getting it done quickly, and safely.

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