Application & Device Security

Business mobile device and software security services that help safeguard your workforce

Empower your team to work securely from anywhere and on any device

Businesses are relying more on multiple apps and devices than before, an unavoidable reality in internet-driven markets and a technology-reliant society. While these apps and devices make business easier, they can be points of weaknesses in your organization’s information system.

Strong application and device security policies from iTeknologia will give your organization the flexibility it needs to deploy various device policies while giving you peace of mind.

Application & Device Security solutions from iTeknologia mean:

  • You can confidently allow bring-your-own-device arrangements for your workers
  • Work-from-anywhere setups can be done securely
  • Your overall compliance and security posture will improve
  • Lost and stolen devices will not be a significant threat to your system with control measures in place, such as remote wipe

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