Video Surveillance

A security system that allows you to keep tabs from anywhere

Internet-based, streaming video surveillance solutions from iTeknologia are the flexible, cost-effective answer to your security concerns

Hiring 24x7 security personnel to increase the safety and security of your employees, visitors or students, as well as your premises and assets, is expensive. Today’s businesses are seeking innovative, affordable options that deliver a rapid and appropriate response to crimes or emergencies.

Our surveillance solutions use your company's existing network to transmit images from analog and/or IP cameras over the internet. These systems record and live-stream video and still images, so you can monitor or record your surveillance in real time, for playback at any time.

Install the best video surveillance in town with:

  • Better security - internet-based cameras have been the source of more than one cyber security attack recently. iTeknologia’s solutions keep your video feeds out of the hands of hackers.
  • Totally customized installation - you know your location better than anyone, work alongside our technicians to structure your cameras the way you want them.
  • Constant support - the second your surveillance stops performing the way it was designed to, iTeknologia will start working to get to the bottom of the issue.
  • Cutting-edge controls - view and direct your cameras from your phone, tablet, or desktop with our revolutionary cloud control dashboard.

Hardware as a Service

Convert the burdensome costs of upfront capital outlays into routine hardware and software refreshes. Billed monthly so you can write it off as an operating expense.

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Broadband Consulting

Can you benefit from faster internet? Of course you can. Based on our experience, improving your broadband connection is a quick and painless task that we can help with.

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Cabling Services

Whether you realize it or not, connecting all your devices to each other is a logistical nightmare. There are a myriad of variables -- from safety regulations to considerations pertaining to future projects -- and iTeknologia is here to do it all.

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