Cyber security

Protecting your data and privacy has never been as difficult as it is now

An all-inclusive service for reinforcing your network and preventing breaches

Although each of our individual services -- like VoIP and compliance services -- tackle cyber security issues in their own right, much more work needs to be done. With the help of iTeknologia, you can implement unwavering security policies to protect every nook and cranny of your business. A universal cyber security policy is the best way to bring everything together.

There are several ways iTeknologia’s Cyber Security solutions improve your company:

  • Aggregated reporting - see all the threats to your network, regardless of their attack vector, in one place.
  • Preventative measures - the majority of quality cyber security work is just staying alert, updating software, and improving password management.
  • Smarter detection - use staff habits and behaviors to root out wrongdoers with the latest in machine learning technology. If someone is doing something out of the ordinary, our staff will get a notification and alert you of the questionable activity.
  • Broader experiences - with in-house staff, you’re limited by the expertise of your employees. By enlisting iTeknologia’s assistance, more people, with more experience, are monitoring your security.

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