Video Conferencing

Better quality meetings mean less meetings

Opt for face-to-face interaction that ditches the awkwardness that comes with audio-only conference calls

Our clients requested immersive video conferencing services with the same level of capability and affordability iTeknologia is known for. It took us some time, but we made it happen -- and now it’s one of our most highly sought after services.

Whether it’s an intimate conference room or a spacious meeting hall, we create systems that deliver seamless and engaging conferencing experiences. If you’re looking for real-time video collaboration consulting, look no further than iTeknologia.

Our all-in-one solution for video conferencing encompasses:

  • Installation, monitoring, and support for all the relevant equipment.
  • Security protocol management to protect every scrap of information exchanged during your communications.
  • Integration with your other communication services, for one unified source of all your correspondence.
  • Hardware and software consulting that guarantees you get more than a one-size-fits-all video conferencing system.

Customer Relationship Management

This software tool analyzes and aggregates basically anything that constitutes contact with a customer -- emails, calls, website visits, order history, etc. -- to provide you with substantial insights about sales trends and more.

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Email Solutions

Block viruses, spam, and phishing emails before they reach your network with our innovative email management systems.

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Mobile Solutions

Between smartphones, tablets, cloud services, and virtualization, the ability to work regardless of your location is crucial in today’s business landscape. With a few key services, you can optimize every cog in your organizational machine for mobility.

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Voice over Internet Protocol isn’t just about lowering your telephony bill, it’s about enabling your office to answer work lines from any device or location. VoIP is about assuring your clients that someone will always answer the phone.

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