Mobile Solutions

Empower your employees and increase productivity

Create an environment where employees can work from wherever they need to, with whatever device they have at their disposal

Since the turn of the 20th century, technology has been all about portability. And in less than two decades we’ve made huge strides. Mobile data connections are operating at speeds close to WiFi, and cloud-based software is freeing up employees to get work done without the business-class hardware sitting in their office. If you want to get the most out of your technology from the car, the airport, or even the beach -- iTeknologia mobile solutions are for you.

Our mobile solutions provide measurable improvement to your:

  • Collaboration - employees no longer need to be in the same physical space to accomplish quality work.
  • Mobility - with a little ingenuity from our technicians, your handheld devices can accomplish nearly everything you need to keep working remotely.
  • Accessibility - mobility doesn’t need to compromise your security, configure your servers and services to recognize who is friend and who is foe.
  • Efficiency - centralizing your information doesn’t just improve your mobility, it makes it easier for everyone to find and utilize what they need -- even if they’re not sitting at their desk.

Customer Relationship Management

This software tool analyzes and aggregates basically anything that constitutes contact with a customer -- emails, calls, website visits, order history, etc. -- to provide you with substantial insights about sales trends and more.

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Email Solutions

Block viruses, spam, and phishing emails before they reach your network with our innovative email management systems.

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Voice over Internet Protocol isn’t just about lowering your telephony bill, it’s about enabling your office to answer work lines from any device or location. VoIP is about assuring your clients that someone will always answer the phone.

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Video Conferencing

Communicate in real-time as if you were meeting face-to-face with clients, satellite office, or suppliers. iTeknologia puts a lid on your puts a lid on the costs associated with your video conferencing solutions while providing best-in-class offerings.

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