Email Hosting

Always available, guaranteed

Harness maintenance-free communication
and collaboration with zero upfront
capital investment

Hosted email solutions from iTeknologia eliminate the burden of frequent hardware and software updates to your email server. We’ll make sure you always have the storage, security, and features you need to remain competitive in your industry with constant management and monitoring of your email solution. Invest in your future, today -- no capital outlays necessary!

Every iTeknologia email solution:

  • Protects your employees from malware and spam.
  • Enables rapid recovery from unplanned disasters and network outages.
  • Meets regulatory compliance requirements for email retention and reporting.
  • Delivers a secure messaging solution with full email encryption.
  • Improves communications, task management and collaboration between staff and clients.

Customer Relationship Management

This software tool analyzes and aggregates basically anything that constitutes contact with a customer -- emails, calls, website visits, order history, etc. -- to provide you with substantial insights about sales trends and more.

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Voice over Internet Protocol isn’t just about lowering your telephony bill, it’s about enabling your office to answer work lines from any device or location. VoIP is about assuring your clients that someone will always answer the phone.

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Mobile Solutions

Between smartphones, tablets, cloud services, and virtualization, the ability to work regardless of your location is crucial in today’s business landscape. With a few key services, you can optimize every cog in your organizational machine for mobility.

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Video Conferencing

Communicate in real-time as if you were meeting face-to-face with clients, satellite office, or suppliers. iTeknologia puts a lid on your puts a lid on the costs associated with your video conferencing solutions while providing best-in-class offerings.

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