Customer Relationship Management

Your most valuable asset is sitting right under your nose

Get more out of your customer data with today’s leading data analysis applications

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software increases your staff’s productivity and effectiveness by making the most out of each customer relationship. By combining marketing, sales, and customer service communications into one holistic service, you get more out of each interaction or touch point.

iTeknologia’s powerful reporting capabilities allow you to reveal customer insight, enabling the creation of more effective marketing operations, sales automation and customer service impact. CRM solutions are the swiftest technology available for increasing trust and loyalty, while shortening sales cycles and intervals between purchase events.

All we need is the opportunity for a brief demonstration of our CRM platform to showcase how existing customer data and interactions can increase revenues with increased efficiency.

CRM software from iTeknologia alerts you of:

  • Clients who have gone too long without being contacted.
  • Exact points in your sales funnel where most potential customers drop off.
  • Return visitors to your site who don’t reach out for communication.
  • When and where individual products and services perform best.

Email Solutions

Block viruses, spam, and phishing emails before they reach your network with our innovative email management systems.

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Voice over Internet Protocol isn’t just about lowering your telephony bill, it’s about enabling your office to answer work lines from any device or location. VoIP is about assuring your clients that someone will always answer the phone.

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Mobile Solutions

Between smartphones, tablets, cloud services, and virtualization, the ability to work regardless of your location is crucial in today’s business landscape. With a few key services, you can optimize every cog in your organizational machine for mobility.

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Video Conferencing

Communicate in real-time as if you were meeting face-to-face with clients, satellite office, or suppliers. iTeknologia puts a lid on your puts a lid on the costs associated with your video conferencing solutions while providing best-in-class offerings.

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